Thursday, 16 June 2011


The activities of the school are tailored to give every child the opportunity to become a holistic individual with a balanced view of life and to use her potential to excel in the fields for which she has the aptitude.This approach is reflected in the words of one of its former Head mistresses, Sr Eugenie who said, “The education imparted at St. Joseph’s has a character all its own. It has maintained standards, seen to the all-round development of students, not studies alone but song and dance, elocution, character building and spiritual growth”.
From the beginning of the academic year students automatically gain membership to one of two houses Mariettes and Theresians which fosters in them a sense of belonging and competitiveness. In addition to this the school has a Parliament. The members are democratically elected by the students. This gives them an understanding of the democratic process.The elected members form a cabinet which is responsible for organizing various school programmes. In this way these future leaders gain experience in leadership and organizational skills. They, in cooperation with the Higher Secondary students, organize programmes on Independence Day, Onam and Teachers’ Day. They are also responsible for send-off parties and daily school assemblies. When organizing these functions the students take pains to portray the essential meaning of the occasion. For example, during Independence and Republic day celebrations, the concepts of freedom and national integration are portrayed in the skits, songs, etc. Onam, the State Festival is celebrated with the traditional floral carpet, Thiruvathirakali, boat song and distribution of articles to the poor.
Spirituality is encouraged by imparting faith education through Catechism and moral science (Joyful Living) classes from Std I to XII. Bhajans are played before the class begins. Scripture reading and reflections are incorporated in the daily School assembly. Catholic students participate in the Holy Eucharist every month. Prayer services are conducted on important days like Onam, Id, Deepavali, Christmas, World Women’s Day, U.NO. Day and other National Festival Days fostering tolerance towards all religions.The feast of St. Joseph and Mother Veronica’s Day are celebrated with prayers, services and programmes during which the students bring out the significance of the occasion through role play, skits, songs, verses, speeches and reading from the Holy Scriptures.

Social service is encouraged by getting the students to be members of clubs like Rotary, Jaycees and Y’s Lings. They are also encouraged to be Red-Cross volunteers and Girl Guides. The experience of working in the community contributes to the students’ understanding of community issues.
A lot of emphasis is given to sports and physical education by organizing training, coaching and competitions between classes, etc. fostering team work and fairness in competitions. Our basket ball, table tennis and badminton teams have done well in interschool competitions.
Artistic expression and eloquence are nurtured by encouraging students to take part in recitation, elocution, mono-act, essay/story writing, singing and music during the literary hour. During September every year our students participate in the interschool competitions and win laurels in items like Bharatha Natyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Thiruvathirakali, Oppana and Margam Kali. Many of them have also done extremely well in elocution contests , debates, dramatics and music competitions. Our School band is the pride and joy of the school. Their dexterous performance with musical instruments and deftness of step has done us proud on a number of occasions besides filling us with a joie de vivre.
Our students are also encouraged to try their hand at producing things. The competitions at the school, district and state level bring out the creativity in them and they create teaching aids from waste materials, beadwork, silk screen printing, plastic cane work, fabric printing and puppet making. Those of them with culinary skills make squash, jam and pickles. Many of them have won recognition and prizes for their efforts.
In all the activities we have taken part, our students have done their alma mater proud by performing to the best of their ability and in a fair manner thus experiencing the true meaning of participation and team work. This in turn contributes to the development of an integrated personality.

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